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Testa Financial Management

Financial Consulting Firm
Welcome to Testa Financial Management,

Testa Financial Management Inc. began operations in 1994 and specializes in long term wealth creation. The company provides financial planning and investment consulting services. Clients include families, corporations, pensions and trusts. The company maintains high standards for independence and objectivity by offering services on a fee only basis. The company acts as a Fiduciary and does not sell investment products nor engage in any form of commission compensation. The mission of the company is to provide superior service with lower risk and lower cost. The company does not provide account custody or management. TFM can assist in long term financial planning and provides investment education so that people are better informed and can make better decisions for their family. 


Mr. Testa brings a unique discipline to investing by examining dynamics of change in the world political economy. Using select criteria within the application of that concept, he attempts to identify investments that offer the greatest potential for a positive risk/reward opportunity within a personal comprehensive financial plan.

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